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Sample World and Clarus™ Custom Samples

Behind the scenes at ClarusHQ

There are bound to be unsung heroes within Clarus from time to time – it’s just part of being the largest glassboard manufacturer in the world. Though “Sample World” may be viewed by some as a small department at Clarus, their work has an enormous impact on the trajectory of the company.

True to its name, Sample World truly is a world unto itself – an entire mini Clarus inside the factory, complete with its own polisher and printing capabilities that push out custom samples every day.

This 8-person team quick checks, cleans, packages, and sends out more than 400 samples every single day, bringing their yearly total to about 100,000 samples. In our busiest months, the tight-knit team sends out nearly 14,000 samples – that’s almost 500 samples a day! And each one of those samples emphasizes Clarus’ dedication to excellence and customization.

On average, each team member in Sample World touches 1,500 samples each month. Just one person. That means that Yvon, who’s been working in Sample World for 3 years – has personally inspected, washed, and handled almost 60,000 samples. That’s about 30,000 pounds of glass that have impacted Clarus customers – just from one of the 8 samples team members.

One team member raved about Clarus’ custom samples, saying, “We do custom samples all the time. If someone wants to see their print before they get their board, we make it happen. There have been million-dollar orders that wouldn’t have happened without samples. When those orders go through, we sit back and say, ‘Hey, I remember making that!’”

From producing, washing, quick checking, and cleaning every sample, to creating custom print and ColorDrop™ samples, Sample World has a hand in almost every project Clarus creates. Sample World also helps the vinyl and print teams on various projects – whatever it takes to get the job done. If we polled all of Clarus to see how many people had ever been helped by Sample World, it’s likely you’d see 100% of people would raise their hands.

As the mini Clarus within our factory walls, our Samples team goes beyond the call of duty for our customers to elevate our brand, provide white-glove service, and put tangible, real-life samples in the hands of every interested party.