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Stony Brook University Adds Collaborative Glassboards

The State University of New York at Stony Brook is a 200 building campus making up 11 million square feet of space on 1,454 acres. With over 24,000 students, 14,500 staff and 2400 faculty, the University is a huge presence in Long Island. And Stony Brook University just got a glassboard upgrade.

Stony Brook is ranked 89th nationally by U.S. News and World Report and 37th among public universities. It has a ranked medical school and Engineering school and is known for specialties as specifically significant as Topology and Nuclear Physics.

Stony Brook is also known for some major achievements in research.

In 1969, researchers at Stony Brook discovered the link between emphysema and smoking.

In 1974, they found the cause of Lyme Disease.

In 2007 three professors were a part of a Nobel Prize winning team for their work on Climate Change.

In 2016, Stony Brook has made another notable achievement by making the move to glass with the installation of beautiful Clarus Glassboards™ in the Mendelsohn Quad, developed by Henry Joseph and Keith Bradley.


The space is unique for its combination of glassboards and digital display. Screens shine through the center of the glass, augmenting the surrounding writable surfaces. Undoubtedly, collaborating students will find unique and creative ways to blend the use of contrasting digital and analog technology.

Stony Brook has plans to install the boards in other residential halls after this first successful implementation.

Glassboards are extending writable surfaces beyond the classroom in universities everywhere because their superior aesthetic (including logos and branding), easy cleaning and anti-microbial properties are equally ‘at home’ anywhere on campus. Today’s common areas are more than communal spaces – they are always on display as universities compete for students with increasingly beautiful, functional and engaging architecture.

With its unique application of Clarus Glassboards, The State University of New York at Stony Brook efficiently upgraded its Mendelsohn Quad, retrofitting existing walls with a contemporary and functional solution. Glassboards, completely customizable by color, shape, and size make perfect retrofits with easy installation, low total cost of ownership and extreme durability—meeting the architectural and budgetary needs of today’s college campuses.