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Surround Yourself With The Best

According to the 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce study, 53 percent of the 200 hiring managers surveyed said it is difficult to find and retain millennials. With so many markets still recovering from The Great Recession, what compels people to hold out for the “right” offer rather than taking the “now” offer?

Millennials look for purposeful work, a culture they identify with, and surroundings that are attractive and productivity-inspiring. While every employer is different, an appealing and productive environment is important across industries. Young employees want spaces where they can create, collaborate, and connect. Clarus is a company that has quickly earned a reputation for its commitment to quality workspaces for corporate, healthcare, and education spaces. Clarus products are not only great to look at, but they help foster employee productivity as well.

Our Float™ and Depth glassboards combine the utility of a whiteboard with the simple elegance of a decorative piece. The colorless glass is unobtrusive to other decorative elements, and its impressive design makes clear to employees and hiring prospects that their engagement is an internal priority.

surround_4The next evolution in our product line is Surround. With Surround, your ability to attract and retain talent is taken to the next level. By simply framing your Float or Depth Glassboard, any office can quickly upgrade its décor. Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks recently cited the necessity of considering color in designing the ideal workspace. “Many experts feel that color has a definite impact on a person’s mood,” he wrote. “The color of an office’s walls, floors and furniture creates an overall office environment that influences how workers perform, experts feel.”

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In his piece, Hendricks also refers to color therapy, in which particular colors work subliminally to stimulate brain activity. For instance, yellow has long been known to elicit feelings of warmth and industriousness. Shades of blue promote calm and serenity. Orange contributes to high-energy output and red stimulates the arousal and aggression centers of the brain. Most workspaces are too pale. Though this choice offers a neutral environment, it’s also sterile in terms of harnessing the psychological impact that a color infusion can provide. By simply choosing one of 13 color finishes for the pronounced Surround Glassboard frame, you can customize your space to foster not only collaboration, but the desired emotional state necessary to collaborate. surround_1

Surround frames are customizable for any size up to 72” x 144” and can instantly transform nondescript walls into stimulating works of art. Imagine an infusion of soothing green to a space where client meetings are held, or rich red if you have an open floor plan where group collaboration and healthy competition is desired. Once you’ve identified the kind of work climate ideal for your environment, it’s simply a matter of configuring the perfect surround for your space online!

Throughout the workday your employees need to be engaged to remain productive and content. Research shows again and again that well-designed surroundings can ensure happy, calm and focused workers. The Clarus Surround is the ideal way to promote productivity and contentment while maintaining an eye on the bottom line. Its subtle, sleek style provides all of the eye-candy millennials are attracted to while making clear to prospective employees and your current team alike that excellence is a group effort –and a value you take seriously. Visit to learn more about the many excellent design options we provide and meet our team.