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Switching to Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are one of the newest and most effective teaching tools a teacher can use. It’s long been known that there are different ways to learn; audibly, visually and by doing. Teaching in one way alone on a whiteboard can quickly ostracize two out of the three kinds of learners. For this reason, many schools are starting to take advantage of the interactive whiteboard in their classrooms, and studies are showing that it’s paying off.

One study divided 85 teachers into two groups; one that taught lessons on an interactive whiteboards, and the other that used a standard whiteboard. The teachers who used interactive whiteboards saw a 17% increase in students’ test scores. While teachers are still new to this technology and how to correctly employ it, the study found that when given 20-30 months to really sharpen their skills, educators saw an average of 20 percentile gain. The best results were achieved by a teacher who was trained to use the technology, used it for two years, and did so 75% of the time they taught and saw a 29 percentile gain in scores.

While the scores speak for themselves, it has also been noted that there can be a point of overkill on technology, when educators come close to removing the human aspect. When this happens, children are quick to lose interest in the lectures and increased scores begin to diminish. The other big issue that schools are encountering is the lack of training for their educators. Interactive whiteboards, like any new technology, need to be taught to teachers, so they are able to fully utilize them in class.

Some tips for educators planning on using interactive boards:

Properly Train – Training times may be anywhere from two to four months. Handing an educator an interactive board without supplying them proper training will not have nearly as positive of an effect on children’s test scores.

Use Student Feedback Constructively – Educators could easily get caught up in the training and forget that the most important factor is their students’ test scores. Asking for feedback can be one of the best ways to tailor your interactive clear dry erase board curriculum.

Give it Time – New technologies always require a bit of adapting to. Students and teachers may not see any improvement for the first few months, as they are adjusting to the new teaching style. Give the boards at least a full school year before giving up or changing anything drastically.

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