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How Strong Are Clarus Glassboards 1

Just How Strong are Clarus™ Glassboards?

Clarus Glassboards™ just defied gravity with a 6500 lbs successful load test. In an independent study conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc., our glassboards were put to the test, placed horizontally in a jig with a ram increasing load to determine just how strong the adhesive bond between mount and glass really is. And with successful testing all the way to 6500 lbs we have nothing left but to have some fun talking about just how much weight that represents. If you can get any of these things into your office for a live demonstration, please – share the vine with us.

Two whole onfield football teams? The Indianapolis Colts are the NFL’s heaviest team at 256 lbs on average. At 22 players on the field (both teams) that’s “only” 5632 lbs. That gives us almost a thousand pounds to work with. Nachos anyone?

How about a heavy duty Ford F-250?

Here in Texas that’s pretty much every other vehicle. The F-250 weighs as little as 5941 lbs. We can picture the scene now.

On a visit to Texas, James Bond, chasing a villain, hops into an F-250. Revving the 400 horsepower V8, he roars down I-35 until he cuts off-road. As he scales a mesa, hot on the villain’s trail, he finds himself approaching a cliff. In a cloud of red dirt he tries to turn the beast of a truck – successfully – until the ground collapses beneath him. The F-250 starts to slide – will this be the demise of James Bond? But no! The truck he “borrowed” was from Clarus glassboards and in the truck bed is a Float™ glassboard with our proprietary adhesive! Like a lasso, he swings the glassboard to the only tree stump around, hanging over the vast expanse to the canyon below. As the truck slides off the cliff, the glassboard catches at the last minute. The rope snaps straight – and holds strong. Will the glassboard? Under the weight of the F-250, the glassboard shows no fear. The adhesive holds strong and leaves Bond, James Bond free to shimmy his way back to safety. Thank you Clarus.

For a reminder of how awesome James Bond car chase scenes are, here you go:

Daniel Craig – Aston Martin Car Chase [HQ] from Avinash Varma on Vimeo.

Ok so it’s hard to imagine how an F-250 would hang from a glassboard, but still.
What about two Beluga whales?
Or imagine the story behind a grizzly bear hanging from a glassboard.

Yes, it’s true, glassboards exist in environments a lot less chaotic than an action movie, but the 6500 lbs strength is still important because of Clarus’ commitment to safety. While lesser glass writing surfaces haven’t done the diligence to bond their paint and adhesive at the molecular level, or to have the back of the glass board maintain more porosity for better hold, Clarus glassboards’ attention to detail plays out in safety, performance, and durability. Let’s face it – glass writing surfaces are the natural evolution from cheap, toxic whiteboards, but with that quality comes weight! And without the proper mounting – and unique adhesive – risk of ‘falling’ can be a real concern.

And no facility manager wants to wonder if that new writing surface is going to fall off the wall! So demand third party load testing! Or call Clarus. And if you have any ideas for how we can hang 5 grand pianos from a glass board – maybe a dueling pianos concert? Let us know.

Until then, check out the Clarus Glassboard Load Testing Study here.