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The advantages of a magnetic glass whiteboard

One stylish feature available with glass whiteboards is a magnetic glass surface. This allows users to tack documents to the glass whiteboard’s surface without damaging the board or the wall behind it. There are many great uses for magnetic glass dry erase boards.
magnetic glass whiteboard
Magnetic glass is excellent for communicating within an office or home. In order to pass information to coworkers or family members, you can use magnetic glass to tack notes or memos to the surface without dealing with annoying and sharp pins—you won’t have to worry about a child getting hold of a push pin or someone accidentally stepping on a fallen pointy pin. Instead of a bulletin board, a glass whiteboard with a magnetic surface can be used to tack flyers, business cards, or other documents to the board with the option to make annotations with markers in the board’s empty space. This means you’ll have the flexibility to easily put up and down documents and to change the text to whatever your home or office needs. Some other innovative ways magnetic glass can help you communicate with your coworkers, friends, and family include:

· Use it for day or family organization—tack reminders, wedding invitations, permission slips, directions to sports games, and many other documents that your family may need to trade back and forth

· Customize your glass whiteboard with a calendar template to tack important documents around your schedule

· Post found documents for a creative lost-and-found method

· Pin up a document that members need to sign, or a sign-up sheet for chores and events

· Tack up thank-you notes or letters of commendation for members to enjoy

· Perhaps your glass whiteboard is strategically placed over a patterned wall, such as a map visual. Pinpoints can be made with magnetic markers for flexible foreground.

· Write text on the board and then pin a piece of paper over it. You can then remove the paper to “reveal” an answer in a presentation or trivia game.

You can also use magnetic glass for creative brainstorming. In some crime dramas, you’ll see a whiteboard, bulletin, or transparent surface used to pin up mug shots, photos, and other documents of interest that can be moved around with pins or magnets. There will also usually be notes made organizing these documents into a flowchart or another brainstorming method. Magnet glass provides a great opportunity for creative brainstorming, as pinned documents can easily move around the glass whiteboard’s space and the text can cleanly be erased and re-written as needed. Use it in a meeting room, another collaborative space, or in your own special thinking space.

Take advantage of magnetic glass technology for photo collages and other art projects. Instead of using a cork bulletin board for a collage, you can easily pin and move around photos on a glass whiteboard magnetically. The transparent surface or whatever finish you choose offers countless creative opportunity, as you can play with blank or transparent space, colors, and wall patterns.

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