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The challenge of office gift exchanges

One of the most difficult gifts to buy is for someone that you work with. Whether it is your co-worker, boss, or employee that you manage, you may not know a whole lot about what they like outside of work, or the nature of the gift—office supply, or something that they use outside of the office?

Throughout the year, you’ve got to worry about holidays, birthdays, Boss’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Administrative Professional’s Day, and other causes for celebration. One of the perfect gifts for this occasion can be something for the office, but something that adds something more to the workplace rather than supplies like staplers that don’t feel like a “treat.” A box of donuts can go over well, but why not try out something more lasting?glass whiteboard

A glass whiteboard can be a great solution. They’re fun, they look modern and sophisticated, and an office employee will have a need for it every day. You can use glass markers for the ultimate work tool. Clear dry erase can be used to brainstorm, jot down quick notes, drawing visualizations of projects, leaving notes of encouragement, or whatever your office needs and wants may be.

The boss can be the most difficult to shop for. Even very friendly bosses tend to have a little bit of a distance between them and their employees, so it would be difficult to have a clue about what they need without the everyday conversations that you have with your other co-workers. A glass whiteboard can be an impressive addition to any boss’s office. Glass whiteboards can go with any style of décor while adding style of its own. For a fun surprise, the next time you and your co-workers are trying to come up with a gift, perhaps pool together to get your boss a great gift they can admire every day.

With co-workers, if you aren’t close, you can have the same sort of problem—you don’t know them well enough to know what they would like. You can go with the default gifts of fancier pens or a gift card, or you can get them something that anyone working in an office can use, like a glass dry erase board to display next to their desk. You can also pool together to get a gift for other co-workers, as one big gift they can use every day is a lot better than trinkets that will clutter up their desks. Administrative assistants also have a great use for glass whiteboards, giving them space to write announcements and greetings without having to email or pint out paper.

For the boss that needs a gift idea for their employees, installing a glass whiteboard in a communal space that the employees can use for communication adds a fun dynamic to the workplace and adds something beautiful to their work environment.

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