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The Clarus™ Christmas Gift Guide

The 3 Clarus gifts anyone will enjoy all year ‘round.

The Clarus Notepad

The perfect gift for the perfect price. The Clarus Notepad serves as the list-maker’s dream gift – perfect for the kitchen counter grocery list, the erasable to-do list, or the desktop reminders. The Notepad comes in either the traditional lined pattern or a hip grid graphic.

Gift it with permanent markers, felt-tip pens, dry-erase markers, or Sharpie pens – they’ll all come clean, leaving you with a fresh glassboard all over again.

Place your order, and a Samples expert will package up your notepad and send it your way in time for the holidays. Available in the Clarus Shop.

Quick Ship Glassboard

The quickship program at Clarus allows you to get several popular sizes of white back-painted glassboards shipped to you in just 2 business days. With a nonporous surface, glassboards are the most versatile, practical writing surface – from paint pens to dry-erase, permanent, chalk markers, and more.

A thoughtful gift for the student, teacher, parent, or grandparent that makes writing things down an unforgettable experience every time. Fill out the quick ship form, and in 2 business days – it’s yours!

Family Photo Glass Portrait

The sentimental gift – a permanent holiday card photo printed in high resolution on tempered Clarus glass. Print it on a 10x12inch glassboard or whatever size you choose.

Whether you sit it on an easel or mount it on the wall, a glassboard is the most permanent version of your family portrait – a gift that will last for decades. And with Clarus ColorDrop™ printing technology, your photos will print in high definition with instantly curable ink that’s guaranteed to never fade or discolor.

Contact a rep in your area to get your portrait printed today.