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The Elements of Modern Design

With both homes and commercial buildings, a modern design is becoming more and more popular. Businesses often go for that sophisticated futuristic look to illustrate their technological or otherwise edgy nature, and personal modern homes offer a living space full of simple style.

  • Minimalism

When you walk into a modernly designed space, one of the first elements you’re likely to notice is all the space. Modern design takes a minimalist approach, cutting out bulky items that add unnecessary clutter, only using essential elements that are powerful in both function and style. Minimalism takes a look at what you need, using as little space as possible to complete a room. And there’s a reason why this look is so sought-after: a spacious room provides comfort, and the style has a surprisingly pleasant cutting and fresh effect. Minimalism also means that the space will be well organized and free of clutter that should go in the trash.

  • Clean lines

Clean lines are at the essence of modern design. Modern design has had a love affair with angles and geometry, creating an artistic effect that can take advantage of light and shine.

  • Contemporary color

Modern design typically contains more basic contemporary colors. These include neutral colors such as white, gray, and black, although many designs feature a splash of bright accent color.

  • Use of light

To highlight spaciousness, modern design will take advantage of light. This includes many large windows and the use of glass with wall dividers and furniture.

  • Polished surfaces

Key to the modern look is shine. You’ll find that modern spaces have polished floors, surfaces, windows, and even walls. Wood surfaces will look smooth, and lacquered finishes are common.

  • Art

While maintaining minimalism, a few central pieces of modern art are used for a striking visual impact. If you want to bring an element of modern design into your space without making a complete renovation, then you should consider installing a beautiful glass whiteboard. Even if your overall design isn’t modern, it can be a great dynamic addition to an established design. Or, turn your more plain room into a modern one instantly by adding a sleek central piece with a clear dry erase board. Modern design loves functionality, and these glass whiteboards bring exactly that: write and erase with glass dry erase markers, tack documents with customized magnetic glass, and look forward to less maintenance with other boards—that will last as long as the wall on which it is mounted.

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