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The elements of room functionality

Every interior designer or other “space” specialist can tell you how important it is to design a room for function. If you’re not getting intended use out of a room, then it’s likely you have a common function issue. There are certain elements that make for a great productive space:


Even if you have the best equipment, furniture, and personnel, a space cannot function without proper organization. This means that you don’t have clutter sitting around that could be thrown away, piles or miscellaneous objects lying around, or other items unnecessarily taking up your space. The biggest culprit is typically paper. Even if you’ve cut down your use of paper through computers or other devices, spaces still tend to be ruled by too much paper. This can make it difficult to find the paper that you need or get around the paper to for something else, creating a very inefficient space. The devices used instead of paper can be overly bulky themselves.

One remedy is to replace items like memos or other notices with a glass marker board. Instead of handing out invitations to the office holiday party, why not just write it on your beautiful, slim glass marker board? This board can be mounted to a wall, taking up essentially no space at all.


This point may be unexpected at first, but it is true. The way a room looks can affect its functionality. This is partly because the function of some rooms is the look nice, and also because it can affect how productive people are in an environment. If you have an office space that is displeasing to the eye, this can affect how happy employees are and the quality of their work. Attractive environments just tend to motivate people more, and increase their happiness with their job.

Looking at a dirty whiteboard is one example of how aesthetics can affect job performance. Having a nice, clean space is one thing, but glass marker boards can take it to a whole new level, adding a simple but sophisticated style to any type of room.


A big part of how well a room works has to do with how well you can move through it. If you don’t have an easy walking path through a room, this can make it a pain to move and can cause people to avoid using a space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a small space isn’t functional—in fact, sometimes it’s larger rooms that are the problem, simply because there’s a poor flow of movement. Sometimes dividing a room into smaller navigable sections with a room divider, such as a floor to ceiling and easy to install glass whiteboard, can make all the difference.

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