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The experts weigh in: Office interior design tips

A well designed office will be the perfect mix of style and function. Office space interior design is very different from interior design in the personal home, as your space must be designed to work efficiently as the first priority. Office space interior design is all about coordinating style with these efficiency needs.

An aesthetically comfortable working environment is also essential to worker satisfaction. Employees are much more satisfied with their work life if their environment makes them happy. The tricky part here, though, is that this happiness involves items that are pleasing to the eye and elements that make work easier at the same time. A clean, sophisticated design can invigorate your workers and motivate. This is why you should look for pieces that have a function in the office but are stylish at the same time.

Some other expert office interior design tips:

Vary up your space. You don’t necessarily need wild colors in every room, but you should vary each space up a little bit when it comes to the design. There is nothing more boring than an office where every room looks the same. In order to keep your design simplistic yet stylish in a varying way, consider little touches like different colored glass whiteboards from room to room.

Use elements that bring light and room. An office with nice lighting and what feels like lots of space adds to the comfort and style of any workspace. This could mean strategically placed lighting, large windows, mirrors, or other ways to enhance space and light. However, it’s very important to not confuse light and space with bright lighting and large rooms. In some office settings, soft light actually works out quite nicely. What matters, though, is that the space is not gloomy or blinding. When it comes to space, your rooms don’t necessarily need to be big, but you will need to have a lot of flow around the room and try and prevent clutter. If you want to divide a space without making your employees feel closed in, consider installing a clear dry erase board from floor to ceiling as a room divider. This effect will open up a space, similar to the way windows or mirrors would.

Try custom furniture. The best way to dress up a space is often to design the furniture around it. You can play with shapes, colors, and storage. The problem, here, is that these specially designed units are often difficult to fit with extras such as glass whiteboards. However, Clarus offers glass whiteboards in customizable shapes, colors, and fills, meaning you can find the perfect glass whiteboard for any type of space.

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