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The Future of Workplaces: Elevating your office with glass

As with anything over time, office design has continued to evolve over the years, and with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the expectation of change significantly accelerated. As employees return to the workplace, we see a new model being formed where employees are the focal point of the office experience. Did you know that around 86% of people in the U.S. prefer a hybrid work environment? Employees value the balance of remote work and a collaborative office space nearly as much as they do their salary. With the return to the office, companies are encouraged to update their spaces to create an atmosphere that employees look forward to commuting to. The days of rowed desks and cubicles are out, and innovative, inspiring, culture-focused spaces are in—is your business keeping up? 

What does the contemporary office look like?

With a focus on both attracting and keeping top talent, companies are investing in items that boost employee productivity and wellness, crafting dedicated collaboration areas, and creating open environments that support employees in optimizing their workday. Top companies are pushing the design envelope for their offices so that employees want to commute in to reconnect with colleagues, hold in person meetings with the team, and even build up social capital. From relaxation spaces and brainstorming rooms, to food courts and bars, enhancing the modern office environment seems to have no limits. As the best of the best companies compete in each industry to win top talent, designers are pulling out all the stops to stand out.

Glass and color theory in your updated workplace

With a spotlight on employee well-being, comfort, and productivity, the best designers and architects are leaning into color theory to help build out modern spaces even further. Color is known to make a significant subconscious effect on people’s moods and general psyche—colors such as blues and greens can be used to create a calming atmosphere, whereas yellows and oranges can be used to boost productivity and optimism. Many companies also use color as an opportunity to showcase brand colors and logos, giving their space a cohesive look throughout. However you choose to utilize the power of color, low-iron Clarus glass is the purest material to naturally amplify it.

When upgrading your hybrid space, Clarus glass is the most dynamic, durable, and truly customizable option on the market. Whether it be an impactful floor-to-ceiling install in your entryway, writable glass Table Tops at each deskspace, custom-colored mobile glassboards you can roll from room to room, or even a mounted glassboard in the common area you can project onto in full HD quality, Clarus has countless products rooted in innovation and contemporary design. Are you ready to get your space up to date?