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The Glassboard Float

Glassboards are one of the most modern whiteboards on the market; they are sleek and fresh looking, and provide a clean, eco-friendly option for offices, hospitals and universities. One of the best features of the glassboard float is that the board shows no sign of bolts, standoffs or any other wall-hanging feature. The board does exactly as it’s named; it floats! These floating boards are a perfect addition to any modern office, and seem to be following the newest trend of floating shelves, bookcases and wall hangings. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love our floating glassboard:

Design – The glassboard has become one of the most sleek and professional looking boards on the market. Not only are they far more advanced than the traditional whiteboard, but their beautiful look comes from their design. A regular whiteboard, with its chemical-coated pressboard look and typical steel or wooden outline give it an outdated and cheap look. Glassboards, however, are made of thick, tempered glass, with either a simple standoff holding the board in each corner, or a floating look. The standoffs are simple and give a 3-dimensional look to the board, and the floating look is also pushed off from the wall, holding the board in securely in place.

Glassboard Float: glass dry erase board

The Glassboard Float

Ease of Use – Glass whiteboards are much easier to use and to clean than the traditional whiteboard for quite a few reasons. Not only is glass a much less porous material than a regular whiteboard, but the frameless board makes clean up easier than ever. The glassboard float is our easiest board, since there are no holes, wall hangings, or standoffs in the way. This way the dry erase marker has nothing to get caught on or stuck in between.

Durable and Easy to Clean – Just like our popular glassboards, the glassboard float offers the durability and cleanliness that no traditional whiteboard can offer. These boards are made from a tempered decorative glass that is up to ten times stronger than regular glass. It can withstand the impact from a golf ball, hammer and even a two-by-four piece of wood, so you know your investment is safe in this board. Since the only way to destroy your board is by virtually repeatedly taking a sledge hammer to it, the only reason you’d ever need to replace it is if it stained or streaked, which it will never do.

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