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The Mobile Whiteboard

The whiteboard has changed the way we communicate; we can educate on a whole new level, brainstorm and create without restriction and change our minds in a matter of minutes. The mobile whiteboard helps us take our ideas from room to room, and is great for the cramped home office. Here are just a couple creative ways you could use a mobile whiteboard:

Fashion DesignFashion designers use all kinds of tools before ever thinking about cutting a piece of fabric. For designers, a sketchpad may work well for the conception phase of the process, but a glass board could help you see your design on a real person. Since glassboards don’t streak or ghost, designers could write in permanent markers or even grease pens without worry.

Sports StrategiesThe blackboard and whiteboard have long been used by coaches in almost every sport. Whiteboards help a team strategize an attack and create plenty of game-plans. A mobile glassboard can be extremely effective because a coach can wheel it out to the practice field, back into the locker rooms and pack it up and take it home to help plan out the next play.

Sales Presentations- Sales professionals are always looking for ways to make their presentation stand out above the crowd. With a Clarus go! Mobile, clients will be bound to remember you and the stellar presentation you pitched.

Anatomy – Anatomy teachers are constantly struggling for ways to display the human body. First there was the skeleton, and then there was dissecting, but what if you could “operate” on a real human? One company makes clear mobile boards, up to six feet tall, that you could use for life-sized illustrating. Not only would students enjoy seeing a full-sized drawing, but they can see exactly where each organ is on their own body. It could definitely put a whole new perspective on the subject.

Restaurants – Restaurants tend to carry specialty items and market specials that can vary on a daily basis. While small chalkboards may work for mom and pop restaurants, the trendier, more upscale restaurants may want a glass mobile board to showcase their ever-changing menu items.

Home Office – One of the best ways to use your mobile dry erase board is in your home office. Thousands of companies are seeing the benefits in allowing their employees to work from home. One of the only problems with working from home is creating a productive workspace. A mobile glass marker board helps you transform a bedroom or dining room into an office, without leaving anything permanent.


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