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The On-the-go! Workplace: Ideal Design Scenarios for Modular, Modern Work

Why every industry needs an on-the-go! glassboard

With a writing surface that changes functions as easily as it rolls from room to room – go! Mobile™ creates collaboration and brainstorming wherever it goes.

Here are just a few of the many industries that have found go! Mobile to be extremely useful. Here’s how:


As a mobile writing surface, go! Mobile fulfills many different needs in the modern-day, modular office space. Give presentations with a marker in hand, then roll the go! Mobile to the office as a to-do list. go! Mobile brings people together in open areas of the office, sparking natural collaboration and brainstorming.

Written presentations may seem like the old way of doing things, but the statistics speak for themselves with more than 50% higher conversion rate from written presentations, as opposed to digital.


go! Mobile adds endless versatility to the classroom. This rolling glassboard functions as the perfect writing surface for 1-on-1’s with students and then converts effortlessly to a classroom lecture board simply by erasing. go! Mobile can also act as an office to-do list for staff members, an announcement board in common areas, or an events advertisement board for residence halls.

In fact, encouraging students to use writing surfaces can improve memory retention by 20% or more. If you’re curious, the research tells all when it comes to bringing students to the board to write.


Whether it’s a nurse’s station with a printed, fillable shifts chart or a printed OR board – go! Mobile allows you to bring the writing surface with you. Imagine a printed human anatomy scan on a rolling glassboard – this would allow doctors and nurses to bring the writing surface to individual patient rooms and explain specific diagnoses with an exact replica of the human body before them. With readily available, rolling glassboards, communication within medical staff and with patients increases efficiency and ultimately improves patient outcomes.


From junior varsity to varsity, college and professional sports — coaches are writing down plays and strategies to review with players. Whether it’s in the locker room, out on the court, in the weight room, natatorium, turf field, or coach’s office – go! Mobile brings the writing surface to you.

For more inspiration on using a writing surface in your workspace, check out some of our go! Mobile installs in the photo gallery or watch the video below to spark your imagination! The mobility of the modern workplace is just beginning. How are you keeping up?