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The Uses of a Glass Whiteboard at Home

Dry erase boards are common fixtures in workplaces and classrooms, but a glass whiteboard can be a useful tool in the home as well. The dynamics of a family requires a lot of communication and organization, so you will never run out of uses for a clear dry erase board. Not to mention, glass whiteboards add sophisticated, striking style to any type of space, meaning you’re giving your home a feature that is not only useful but looks beautiful without those pesky stains that you’ll find on traditional whiteboards. Keep reading for some of the many uses of a glass whiteboard in the home.

A menu board

How many times a day do you get asked what’s for dinner or when dinner will be served? If you know in advance, you can use a glass dry erase board to announce the menu and dinner times instead of fielding questions from all your family members. You could also leave a note asking a family member to pick up some spaghetti noodles on their way home, or perhaps your child could relay the message through the whiteboard that they will be having a friend over to study that will need a seat at the table.

A chores list

Imagine a world where you don’t have to ask anyone to lift a finger around the house—they just do it. While this world probably doesn’t exist, instead of constantly reminding your family of their chores, you could simply list them on your glass whiteboard in a high-traffic area that the family will be sure to see. They’ll get a reminder every time they walk by that it’s time to mow the lawn or fold laundry. Kids love writing on glass whiteboards, so perhaps adding a ‘check’ next to their chores list would add extra motivation to get things done.

A grocery list

Installing a glass whiteboard close to the kitchen means you’ll have a handy place to make a grocery list right when you’re thinking about what you need. Once someone in the family notices that the milk is running low, they can just make a note on the dry erase board for the next time someone needs to go to the store. Or, if you’ve been craving a certain brand of ice cream, you can easily make a note after finding out that none is available. After going to the store, simply erase the last list and start fresh.

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