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Time to Buy a Glassboard?

Glass whiteboards are the boards of the future; they’re easy to clean, they’re environmentally responsible, and they’re virtually unbreakable. We all know that glass whiteboards are the superior products on the market, but it’s hard to know when it’s time to toss the whiteboard and upgrade to the better glassboard. If you’ve been considering buying a new board, here are a few things you may want to think about:

Your current board – What does your current whiteboard look like? Is it a stained mess? Is it cracking, peeling or looking faded? Can your markers still write smoothly on the surface? Or has the marker build-up been interfering with your new writing? Sometimes whiteboards become so stained that you can barely read the new writing over the years of built up stains. Older whiteboards can also easily peel and crack after one too many uses and cleanings. You’ll know when it’s time to get a new board when you’re constantly needing brand new markers, since the old ones aren’t dark enough to write over the stains and when you can’t quite get the cracks and scratches clean because the marker is now staining the pressboard underneath the topcoat.

What kind of budget do you have? – Glass whiteboards are a high quality product, and for the most part, they’re going to cost a bit more than a traditional whiteboard, but most users find that the expense is completely justified once they use the glassboard and realize how much more of a superior product it is. If you’re looking at replacing your current whiteboard with another low-quality product, you may want to look at your budget and see if you can afford a back painted glass whiteboard. Traditional whiteboards usually last about 5-10 years, whereas a glass whiteboard can virtually last forever. Is your board going to be used for the life of your business? Would you benefit from the time and money spent on constantly reinvesting into boards? These are all good questions to ask yourself.

Upgrading your board – Even if your current board is still working for you and your budget isn’t huge, an upgrade to your whiteboard will be felt in the entire home, office or classroom. Consider how your clients, students or employees will feel when they are being taught on a high-end glassboard versus a worn-out traditional whiteboard.

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