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Time to Replace your Whiteboard?

Whiteboards are great tools for schools, offices and even homes. They broadcast teachings, ideas, and schedules for all to see. Add in the fact that they are erasable and easy to clean and you’ve got yourself a near-perfect board. One of the only downsides to a whiteboard is the staining and streaking that comes along with them. These boards can quickly become discolored with daily use, especially when they aren’t properly cleaned. The discolored and stained boards can become difficult to write on and even more difficult to see from long distances. You need to replace these boards every few years if you plan on using them daily. So the ultimate question when it comes to whiteboards is:

When is it Time to replace my Whiteboard?

Replace – Replacing a whiteboard can be expensive, since you’d be replacing a board with essentially the same product. It’s time to replace your whiteboard when you can no longer wash your board clean. Usually you’ll see a steady progression of discoloring, as regularly cleaning your board can only prevent staining so much. The reason the boards stain is because the dry erase markers have dark inks that are coated in a polymer. The polymer keeps the ink from directly contacting the board, but when erased and used over and over, the ink eventually stains the board.

Resurface – Some companies offer whiteboard resurfacing, which adds whiteboard “skins” to your existing board as a quick and easy alternative to replacing the entire board. A resurfacing panel is an adhesive panel that covers your old, stained board. Usually you can’t see much of a difference between a resurfaced board and a new board. The only problem with this option is that after another few short years you will be replacing your panels again.

Upgrade to a Glassboard – The best idea for replacing your whiteboard is to invest a bit more money and to upgrade to a glass whiteboard. These boards are made with tempered glass and are made to last (or even outlast) the life of the wall it hangs on. A glass marker board is the best product on the line because it will never stain or streak like a traditional whiteboard and it is cleaner and safer for your classroom or office. You will invest a bit more into a glassboard in the beginning, but the payoff is never having to replace your whiteboard again.

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