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Infuse Any Space with Warmth Using Glass Whiteboards

Whether you’re decorating an office space or a personal living room, any comfortable space has an element of warmth. Drab and dull spaces can kill the mood of a room, keeping down the moods of employees, waiting room occupants, dinner party guests, or whoever will be using your space.

To infuse a space with warmth, you may not need a massive design overhaul. There are both simple and extensive steps you can take to increase the warmth of a room, including the addition of glass whiteboards. Glass whiteboards can be marked on using dry erase markers, and don’t have the drab and often stained/cracked look of traditional whiteboards. You can order glass marker boards in a variety of forms and sizes with customizable options like magnetic glass, which allows you to take items to the board magnetically—meaning no painful tacks to accidentally step on after they fall to the floor. The other great quality of these glass dry erase boards is that they come in a variety of classic and bright colors and finishes with options to color match.

As you’re decorating, elements that contribute to a “warm” feeling include:

Coordinated color

Nothing makes a space more boring than lack of color. You don’t have to have every color of the rainbow covering your space, but even medical settings can benefit from a little pop of color. If you want to spice up your monochrome space, adding pieces that provide accent color can be a great way to add warmth. If you’re dealing with a neutrally colored space, you can get playful with bright colors, and even spaces dominated by more powerful colors could use a coordinated accent color here and there.

A great way to do this is with glass whiteboards. You can add a brightly colored board to a dull space, or even a darker board to be used with bright markers.


You want to give your space an identity. Even an office setting can have a design that is professional yet gives off a comfortable home-away-from-home feel. Think about the qualities of your company, or, if you’re decorating a home, your family, and how you can convey that through the design.

A Master design plan

We mentioned that there were simple steps you can take to infuse a space with warmth, but sometimes a space requires more. Spaces just feel warmer if there is a method to the decorating rather than having decorations feel like a gradual collection.

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