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Tips for office decorating

Office space is a difficult area to decorate. With homes and personal space, you can be free to decorate according to your own individual style without necessarily thinking of how others may feel about it. However, with office space, you still want to create a sense of style and character while maintaining an atmosphere that a variety of people will enjoy.

A clean, sophisticated office style is not only what gets clients in the door but what keeps them there—just as dressing well conveys professionalism, the way your office looks can say a lot about your business. If you’re an innovative, edgy company, you’ll want decoration that reflects that without making people feel alienated or overwhelmed, just the way you wouldn’t want your clients feeling that way about your services. Some tips for decorating your office space:

1. Go for clean looks

This rule applies to both keeping the office nice and tidy and also a style of decoration. You will want to cut down on clutter in a variety of ways. Keep “piles” or other accumulations of supplies or other items out of view in a storage closet. But you should also keep simplicity in mind when decorating, as complicated or overbearing decorations can distract employees and clients from what you’re really all about, not to mention these flashy styles can be risky in terms of personal preference. You can give space lots of character while still keeping things simple. Simple looks modern and energizing, letting your clients and employees know that you care about appearance, but not to the point of distraction. A clean look is the perfect business style.

Glass whiteboards are a perfect way to get this atmosphere. These types of boards wipe off much cleaner and the glass gives the perfect touch to your simple, clean office with just the right amount of style. And, this piece of decoration comes with function as well, something that anyone in the business world can appreciate.

2. Make the reception area feel inviting

This is perhaps one of the most important areas of office decoration. Although it sees perhaps little actual business going on, it serves as your office’s first impression. As clients are walking through the door or waiting by the desk, they will undoubtedly take careful consideration of their surroundings. With a backpainted glass whiteboard hanging right above your front desk or on another area of focus in the reception area, you are sure to make an impression.

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