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Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons Everyone is Going to Glassboards

How many times in your career have you stood, armed with a brilliant idea and a dry erase marker, in front of your esteemed colleagues?

Think about it. Some of the greatest ideas come standing at the marker board.

Superbowls have been won at the whiteboard, battles have been planned, plots plotted. Astronaut disasters averted – when the thinking gets tough, the tough get thinking. And there’s no better way to share those ideas.

But all too often, the beauty of those finest moments to all we hold dear…is ruined by a whiteboard you can barely read. In fact, it’s almost easier to read the traces of the last person’s work, looming ghostily on the board.

It’s time to upgrade to glass.

Think about it. You replaced your tube TV with a slick LED flatscreen. Instead of the big old heavy monitor your Samsung, Dell or LG is now an inch thin.

That brick flip phone was long ago traded up for glass or comparable.

The whiteboard might be the last 1980’s ‘hanger on’ in the modern office. But that’s quickly changing.

Without further ado, the list:

  1. No more ‘Cleaning the Board’ Dance: Glassboards wipe clean with little to no effort.
  2. They’re beautifully glossy instead of dirty and dull
  3. They’re strong. Proven load tests determined they’re strong enough to support five grizzly bears. Maybe you have some of those in your office?
  4. They’re not green. Glassboards are iron-extracted, so you don’t get the green tint associated with cheap glass.
  5. They are green. Glassboards are recyclable. Where do old whiteboards go?
  6. Geniuses use them. Leading research institutions such as Stanford, MIT and Johns Hopkins installed Glassboards.
  7. They won’t make you sick. Glassboards are anti-microbial.
  8. Glass looks better. Because nobody ever says “we’re hoping to install plastic windows next year”.
  9. They’re not just white. Glassboards come in every color in the rainbow and can even have custom prints – just ask!
  10. They’re less expensive. The average whiteboard needs replacement after 4-6 years. Glassboards can last a lifetime and have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Now that you want a Glassboard, the question becomes ‘how can I get one?’ – right?

Well the second most stress-relieving pastime to having a glassboard in your office is playing with the Quote tool.

What kind of Glassboard will you build?