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Top 4 Things You May Not Know About Clarus Glassboards

As you are shopping around for your glassboard, you may find similarities from brand to brand when it comes to functionality – after all, a lot of customers are simply in the market for a writing surface bigger than a notepad. But did you know that with Clarus glassboards, you are getting much more than just functionality? 

We are proud to deliver quality that covers the basics, and we have even more pride in the extra steps we take to ensure an above and beyond glassboard product: from sourcing our materials, all the way to delivering directly to our customers. See below for a few things you may not already know about Clarus glass. 

1: Clarus glassboards are manufactured to be used for a lifetime

From start to finish, Clarus products are manufactured to last. Our products are made up of strong, tempered glass that resists breakage and withstands the test of time. In comparison to traditional whiteboards that have to be replaced every few years, Clarus glassboards are five times stronger, and have even been tested to withstand the force of fastballs up to 100 mph – meaning that everyday wear and tear is no competition.

2: Staining is a thing of the past 

Clarus glass gives customers the power of choice when it comes to writing utensils. Whether you prefer dry-erase, paint, permanent, or oil markers, our glass products can be wiped clean with ease after every use. Unlike traditional whiteboards that have to be replaced due to staining, our glassboards will never stain or ghost.

3: Our projection glassboards combat the parallax effect

Have you ever been using a projector and the image you are sharing won’t quite focus? The blurry issue you were facing is called the parallax effect, and with the right products can be avoided. All of our glassboards that offer projection capabilities combat the parallax effect and act as a clean surface for projected images to show up crisp and clear.

4: Sustainability is top of mind 

Did you know that Clarus products are made out of recycled glass? Investing in Clarus means investing in the environment. By recycling, we reduce the amount of energy and fuel that are needed to create our products, lowering our overall air pollution footprint.

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