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Transform overlooked office areas with a glass whiteboard

Office decoration has a reputation for being plain and boring. But while it must be professional and clean looking, it does not have to be boring. Installing a glass whiteboard in these areas can transform a plain, dull space into an energetic and exciting one. Take a look at what glass whiteboards can do for these often overlooked office areas:

1. Welcoming area

The reception area is a vital space in your office. It is where new clients or other outside parties get their first impression of your business. It is where clients may spend time waiting. Those walking by may glance inside. You will want to decorate reception in a way that is simple and clean yet stylish and impressionable. A large glass whiteboard in reception can allow for a fun welcoming message for visitors. Or, order unique signage that is printed on a glass background, which can be customized with colors and other finishes.

2. Meeting room

Meeting rooms are great areas to install glass whiteboards because they can be instrumental to creative brainstorming or other types of thought organization. Glass whiteboards wipe off cleaner than other types of boards. You can also customize your whiteboard with magnetic glass so that you can “tack” documents to the board magnetically. This will allow you to move documents such as pictures around the board while adding written notes. With this setup, you can make flexible flowcharts, lists, and other types of organizations. For an innovative look, you can install a floor to ceiling glass dry erase board as a room divider so that you can write directly on the meeting room wall—it will feel like unlimited space, encouraging creative thinking.

3. Break room

Break rooms offer an opportunity to install a glass whiteboard in order to allow employees to write announcements or notes on break room walls, organizing fun events like holiday parties, raffles, or just passing on other types of information. With magnetic glass, you can also tack flyers or other documents to the glass as a bulletin board that you can also write notes on.

4. Hallways

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to decoration. Although it is usually an area that people just walk through, installing a glass dry erase board can transform a dull space into an energetic one, a feeling that can flow over to other areas of the workplace. Use a glass dry erase board as a bulletin board or message board, announcing information such as employee of the month. Customize your glass whiteboard with a template such as a calendar to keep everyone up to date on the monthly schedule.

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