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Transform unique spaces with a glass dry erase board

Every business is looking for opportunities to reflect their sophistication and innovation. Installing a glass dry erase board can give you just that—transforming any dull office space into a modern, forward-looking space. You can mount your glass whiteboard on a meeting room wall, office wall, entry space or many other options, but for a truly dazzling effect, you can try out any of these creative ideas that will surely make an impression on anyone who walks through your doors:

Custom furniture glass

The office furniture industry itself offers thousands of possibilities for customization. Imagine your office furniture outfitted with custom glass dry erase boards. Fill up free space between your desk and/or shelving combination with a uniquely made glass board that you can write on and even tack items to magnetically. Have a blank wall between a table and overhanging cupboards? You can order a glass dry erase board to fit that space perfectly, giving you space to write on and tack items upon for a truly personal brainstorming space.

Glass whiteboard tables

Imagine sitting down at a table, getting an idea, and then writing it down—directly on the table. This is one possibility with glass dry erase boards. Fill your lunchroom with glass whiteboard tables or make a one-of-a-kind desk table that serves as an impromptu note pad whenever you need it. For lunchrooms, it would also offer employees or students a place to blow off steam with fun doodles during their breaks. Glass whiteboard tables are a great tool for group projects that need a collaborative workspace and bring an unexpected but sophisticated look to a workspace.

Wall dividers

If you have a large space that you’d like to divide into a smaller workspace, you should utilize a glass whiteboard as a wall divider—install a glass dry erase board that goes from floor to ceiling. This option is also space saving because it’s a wall you can write on. Imagine the look on your clients face when you take them into a meeting room, grab a marker, and start writing on the glass walls. And with all the options you have for customization, including colors and print designs, your creative options have no limits. You can even order your glass dry erase wall divider with magnetic glass in order to be able to use it as a bulletin board of sorts, tacking documents straight to the wall magnetically. This kind of unique space will get your brain moving and can help stimulate collaborative work.

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