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Transparency: A Pet Lover’s Dream

The PARC is starting a revolution with the first-ever entirely glass veterinary clinic, providing unprecedented transparency for pets and parents alike.

The PARC’s design features many psychology-focused design elements, intended to specifically decrease anxiety, create a warm space for pets and their parents, and bring the brand to life with color.

The office and lobby feature glass walls and sound-proof partitions, providing privacy for the patients within the rooms, while also providing transparency those throughout the clinic. The colorful, comfortable seating areas throughout the clinic provide comfort for guests.

Though the PARC only opened a few months ago, the staff has already noticed astonishing results. Patients approval ratings have increase by 40-50%, simply due to the transparency provided. The patients’ perception of waiting time has also decreased by 45%, and patients have reported that seeing the doctors and nurses working throughout the clinic gives them a true appreciation for the veterinary profession.

The cool blue tones in the office were chosen specifically to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the clinic. This psychological detail seems to have added to patients’ decreased anxiety during appointments, as the reports of stressful visits has decreased dramatically.

The transparent offices allow guests to see the doctors, nurses, and their pets throughout the treatment process. Whether the pet has to leave the room for a vaccination or the doctor’s occupied with other patients – the glass walls allow guests to see what goes on throughout the entire clinic.

As a Glassboards company, Clarus™ specializes in creating naturally collaborative spaces that encourage continued education within all sectors of the corporate world – including veterinary medicine.

The beautifully designed spaces throughout the clinic create branding with color, texture, and cohesive elements that bring warmth and excitement. At times, bringing beloved pets to a clinic can be intimidating and scary, but the PARC’s design reflects their treatment philosophy – welcoming pets and their patients, listening to them attentively, and creating a comfortable treatment plan.

By using Glassboards, Clarus™ was able to create a continued education room for presentations and other meetings. The View board allows projected material to be displayed or can also function as a writable surface. Presentations at their finest. Glassboards also line the walls in the conference rooms, bringing groups of people together to write things down and collaborate throughout the work day.