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Glass Whiteboards for the Home

The whiteboard quickly became one of the most useful and effective tools for communicating in an office or classroom. What many people don’t realize is that they can use these great tools to improve communication around their homes. The following are some great ways to make a whiteboard work for your family:

Your Home Office – Working from home can be hectic and distracting at times. Spouses and children can have a tendency to wander in with questions of dinner, wanting to go to a movie or bring hungry for lunch. While the easiest solution may be to lock yourself in your office from 9-5 and never come out, your family will quickly feel disconnected and distant from you. To help them feel reconnected, leave a message board on your door or the wall outside your office. This can be a great way to communicate to your family what your daily schedule will be and when they are welcome to come in. You can put conference calls, meetings, and client presentations on the board so your family understands you need 100% privacy during those times.

In the Kitchen – Keeping a clear dry erase board in the kitchen is a great way to communicate family dinners and lunch menus with your family. You can create a calendar for your kids, so they know what time dinner will be each day and what they’ll be having. Keeping a calendar is especially helpful for families with high schoolers, who may have their own hobbies, activities and outside dinner plans. You can also have family members keep a small grocery list on the bottom or side to let you know when you’re out of essential food items like milk, eggs and juices.

Errand and Chore Board – One of the best reasons to keep a whiteboard around the house is to designate weekly chores for each family member. Not only will the whiteboard serve as a constant reminder of each person’s duties, once your kids understand their chores and deadlines, hopefully you won’t need to be constantly nagging them. A chore board is a great idea for families with pets, since different schedules can leave a pet’s walk or feeding almost forgotten about. Also, if your family likes to rotate chores, a chore board can help remind everyone of their newest weekly duties. A chore board is a great communication tool to make sure your family is on the same page, without needing long talks or meetings.

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