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Clarus Float™ Glassboard In University Lecture Hall

Maybe Glass?

Recently, a large group of project managers from a Division I university sat down with Clarus to discuss various design challenges on campus. To their surprise, most of their requirements could be met with standard Clarus products. The more complex problems only required slight deviations of standard products to produce customized solutions. So, what’s the answer to your next design challenge? Maybe it’s glass.

Clarus View™ projectable glassboard in university lecture hall

  • In the Classroom – Whether designing a simple classroom with glassboards, or an active learning environment with mobile surfaces, Clarus offers teaching tools with functionality and style to engage Generation Z. Fixed, mobile, sliding, or hinged boards can enhance any setting and provide an opportunity to inject color and graphic branding.
  • Audio/Visual – While standard white glassboards are becoming much more common, people aren’t aware that they no longer need to double-up on equipment. Clarus View™ offers both a full-time writing surface and a full-time projection screen. There’s no more need to specify two different products when you can achieve both applications in one.
  • Collaborative Uses – When group projects call, glass is there. From projection screens that double as a writing surface to sliding glass-on-glass surfaces that maximize writing space, Clarus equips any huddle room with next-gen tools for collaboration. Open spaces can now be divided with ground-breaking products like Flex™ Mobile and the newest innovation, Flex Wall. Do you have a hallway that needs some “umph?” Learning happens everywhere, so make those transition spaces count with vibrant writing surfaces to support group meetings and study sessions.

Mizzou branded Clarus Float™ glassboard in basketball locker room

  • Athletics – If you ask an average person, where universities are most known for their brand, nine out of ten will say, “athletics.” And they are right! Branding athletic facilities makes your team recognizable, your rooms stunning, and your program appealing to recruits. Whether using a go! Mobile to go through plays with your defense or watching film on View, Clarus has what you need.  One of the coolest stories we’ve heard about innovative uses of Clarus products happened recently at a big-name college football program. The problem? The coaches had to erase their dry-erase boards of any recruiting information every time recruits came for a visit…which happened quite often. When they saw Glide, they knew their problem was solved. They could strategize about recruiting all day, then cover up the information by a simple push of a glass panel.

Clarus glassboards showing the ability to print high-resolution images and cut into different shapes

  • Architectural – Clarus has the ability to cut glass into any shape and integrate it into your interiors. Continue your design theme on any surface with project-themed graphics and complementary hues. Accent your walls with electric pops of color. Outline historic timelines. Recognize donor contributions with the beauty of glass.
  • Custom – Do you ever have those pesky little applications that you just can’t seem to solve with standard product? Clarus regularly works with you and your contractors to co-develop that perfect solution using glass.  A perfect example of this…THE Notre Dame football! They were renovating their visitor’s locker room. They determined that the construction crew threw away the dry-erase name plates they were intending on reusing. Calling in a panic with little turnaround time, Clarus was able to make them exactly what they needed –custom dry-erase name plates. And what made this project even better is that the name plates, as opposed to their old whiteboard ones, will never stain or ghost, so they can keep them for a lifetime without needing to replace them.

Signage. Shapes. Graphics. Glass on the ceiling? You name it, Clarus can help you get there.