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What clients notice passing through your office

You’ve got a big meeting with a prospective client, and the meeting room is all ready. You have made sure the meeting room is clean, the documents have been organized, and you’re ready to make a good impression. However, your client may get a look at other areas of the office en route to the meeting room.

To the untrained eye, it may be difficult to pick out what a visitor notices about an office. Despite what actually goes on in the conference room, the impression of the office as a whole can make or break a deal. Take a look at these common things that clients notice when visiting your office:


More accurately, clients are likely to notice if an office is untidy. Nothing can make a bad impression faster than clutter or an uncleanly environment. Make sure that you have an office where everything is properly organized. Sure, the dirty coffee cup by the sink or the food wrapper on an employee’s desk is only human, but you don’t want a client worried about your office misplacing something due to disarray.

An example of something that a visitor may notice but an everyday employee may not—the grime that comes with everyday use of items, such as a regular dry erase whiteboard. Even when only using dry erase markers, you can still notice stains building up. While a grimy whiteboard is not necessarily a something to hold against your business, you should remember that every item in your office may shape an overall perception of your company, so it is best to keep things nice and clean. Glass whiteboards wipe clean every time and don’t accumulate these stains. You can even print signage on glass whiteboards for a dazzling layered effect—coordinate your board’s colors with the colors of the wall it is mounted on in order to create a dimensional, floating look.


Not only do you want a clean and tidy workspace but decoration as well. Go for décor that adds to a room without taking up too much space. You don’t necessarily have to have a “futuristic” office, but modern looking pieces are a good idea because they are simplistic yet sophisticated. Glass whiteboards can give this perfect touch because they take up almost no space at all and can instantly give any room an innovative look. The clean lines of these glass whiteboards can infuse energy into a workspace that your client is sure to notice. There are many other options to create style with decorative glass.

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