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What exactly is a Magnetic Glassboard?

Magnetic glassboards are some of the most durable and useful products on the whiteboard market. They combine the clean (never staining or ghosting) look of a glassboard with the added feature of posting exams, calendars and important documents. A magnetic glassboard is a great tool for professors, hospitals, and business owners.

You may be asking yourself, how do we make magnetic glass? You may find articles on painting a magnetic paint or adhering a piece of sheet metal to the back of a traditional dry-erase whiteboard, and our glassboards aren’t all too different. Typically, the best way to create a magnetic glassboard is to attach a painted glass to a piece of laminated steel. The rare earth magnets are strong enough to reach the steel through the glass, which allows the glass to seem magnetic. This is great for the product, since the glass doesn’t need to be manipulated in any way, and maintains its durable, tempered integrity.

Magnetic glass whiteboards are a great product for your office, since they can turn a simple planning or instructing board into an organization board or a hub of information for students or employees. While the look of a magnetic whiteboard is one of the most appealing aspects, the strength and durability of a glass whiteboards is what makes them worth every penny. Theses tempered glassboards can last for as long as you can take care of them, since they will never ghost or stain like a traditional whiteboard.

The look of magnetic glass whiteboards are really their biggest selling feature, since they can transform an entire office or classroom. Our boards come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can even be customized to match your company’s signature color. We also offer customized branding or logo of your choice and free customized sizing. The boards are mounted using stainless steel sand-offs, giving depth to your space.

So how will you use your magnetic whiteboard? Hospitals can benefit by using magnetic names to switch around for scheduling, offices may need a magnetic board to help keep important documents together, and professors can hang assignments or no named exams on the boards. For whatever reason you may want a magnetic whiteboard, you’ll surely appreciate the quality and durability of a glass whiteboard, and your investment will go even farther.

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