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What is a Back Painted Glass Whiteboard?

A back painted piece of glass is simply a piece of opaque glass that has been painted on one side and viewed from the other. Back painted glass gives the effect of a high glaze over any color or pattern you’re looking to create. While back painted glass may sound like a fun and easy craft project for the weekend, to achieve a high-end back painted glass look, you actually need the help of professionals.

There are various qualities of both glass and paint that you can choose to help you attain the look you’re going for. For instance, if you’re looking for a tempered glass, that is virtually unbreakable, you may pay more for durability. Tempered glass is great for kitchens since it can handle extreme heat without cracking or breaking.

Tempered glass is also a “must” if you’re looking to use the glass as a functioning whiteboard, a free-standing wall or divider, or any surface that may bear weight. Other options include higher quality glass that doesn’t have the slight green tint or even a frosted or crackled glass for those looking for a unique look. Typically frosted glass stands on its own without needing paint and crackled glass can be a hazard if not properly laminated or sealed by a professional, but both can be fun and distinctive options for the home or office.

Back painted glass is great for showcasing a modern and edgy sense of style. While many homeowners and renovators are turning to glass as an option for backsplashes, counter tops and accent walls, many unique businesses are also looking to back painted glass to liven up their office and showcase their company in its best light.

Many offices are now opting for magnetic glass whiteboards over the traditional pressboard dry erase, since glass is easy to clean, durable and long-lasting. Back painting these functional office tools helps them blend into the office and even camouflages them when they’re not in use. Offices have been getting creative with back painted glass; using it for everything from desktops, cubicle dividers, accent walls and more.

Many glass companies are even customizing the glass to match the office perfectly. You can choose the exact color of your company logo, or have the glass engraved with the company name, a logo or a popular quote or mission statement. These custom glass pieces make your office stand out from your competition, and your clients and customers will surely enjoy the look.

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