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What is a Glass Whiteboard?

Unless you’ve never stepped foot into a classroom or office building in the past thirty years, you’re probably well aware of what a traditional whiteboard looks like. The glossy dry erase boards quickly replaced the need for dirty, messy chalkboards and quickly blackboards a thing of the past. A whiteboard has plenty of advantages over a traditional chalkboard, since you can use dry erase markers, which eliminates chalk dust, helps cut down on allergies and is an easier board to write on and see from long distances. Overall, it’s very easy to see why dry erase boards replaced chalkboards in one short decade. Now, the newest and most useful board is the glass whiteboard, which is gaining popularity as quickly as the whiteboards did thirty years ago. If you haven’t seen a glass writing board in an office, you may be wondering just what it is and how it works. Here are just a few interesting things to know about glass whiteboards:

They’re made of glass – Well, duh, right? But glass boards are actually made of a tempered glass that is up to ten times more durable than regular glass. The glass boards are incredibly durable and resilient, and they hang beautifully on any wall.

They can be any color – Sure, when you think glass, you probably think of a transparent window, a see-through table or a cloudy shower door. Not only do they come in transparent and frosted, but you can have them back painted in white to mimic a traditional whiteboard, black to look like a chalkboard, or any color you’d like!

They’re superior to other boards – A glass board is super to the chalk board and whiteboard in quite a few ways. For starters, a glass board is much more sanitary than a traditional whiteboard. Traditional whiteboards are made from pressboard of mixed woods, glues and chemicals, and is then coated in another chemical topcoat, which gives it the high-gloss and static finish that allows the dry erase marker to cling to the board. Not only are these boards environmentally inferior to glass whiteboards, but the whiteboard coating also allows small scuffs and scratches to accumulate bacteria if it’s not cleaned thoroughly. On top of being healthier and more environmentally friendly, they’re literally nearly indestructible and they can outlast the life of the wall they’re attached to. Traditional whiteboards stain and ghost and eventually need to be thrown away, no matter how diligent you are about cleaning them. Glassboards will never stain, streak or ghost, so there’s really no need to ever replace them!

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