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What you didn’t know you could do with clear dry erase boards

At Clarus, the customization options for your glass whiteboard are endless. You can customize with magnetic glass, which will allow you to tack items to your board magnetically. You can order your glass marker board in a variety of colors and finishes. You can customize your size for uniquely shaped spaces. But there are other creative ways that you can use a clear dry erase board—in forms you may not have thought of before.

A room divider

Do you have a large space that you’d like to turn into multiple smaller spaces? Rather than doing an exhaustive remodeling overhaul, installing a glass room divider would be a more creative and easier solution. These look sophisticated and striking, functioning as a dry erase board wall that you can write on with glass markers. Your clients will not only be impressed by the striking, sophisticated floor-to-ceiling glass divider but also when you pull out a marker and start using the wall for brainstorming or other types of thought organization and presentation.

If your space needs some privacy, you can order a clear dry erase board in a color or finish other than clear. However, if you wanted to divide a space for function without losing the comfort of roominess, a clear dry erase board can have the same effect as a mirror—making a space feel bigger than it really is. Open air office space rather than cubicles are making a comeback, and so this a great way to divide space while keeping that open feel.

A glass table

Whether you’re in the classroom, workroom, or break room, a table top made with glass dry erase is sure to impress and add a dash of fun and functionality to any room. Imagine sitting down at a table and being able to jot down notes without any paper. It’s a great way to brainstorm or quickly write down important information. These tables are also great for kids, who have that natural urge to write on surfaces anyway.

Mobile Glass

Clarus’s Mobile Xpress is a great way to take your glass marker board on the go, especially if you have a flexible need for a glass whiteboard. This glass whiteboard comes fitted with a beautiful frame and wheels. Perhaps your office may need a glass whiteboard in reception one day but in the meeting room the next. Or, you wish you could bring your notes to that big meeting in a more flexible manner. Some restaurants open different sections at different times, meaning you would need to move around that board with the daily specials written on it to wherever your customers are.

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