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Furniture Meets Glass: Options With a Clear Dry Erase Board

Glass has become a go-to material when designing spaces for a modern and sophisticated look. , whether you’re coordinating glass with furniture or just adding a striking piece to a wall.

One of the great features of clear dry erase boards is that you can add decorative glass, with signage or other types of designs and templates, simply for style—or you can order a glass whiteboard with a useful function, used as beautiful material you can write on just like a traditional whiteboard or customized with magnetic glass that also allows tacking like bulletin boards. Or, have it all: with glass whiteboards, you get a stylish piece of decoration that can also be used for writing and tacking. You’ll have a great organizational and communication tool

Coordinating furniture with glass

Many pieces of modern or office furniture have been custom designed to fit a space—especially office furniture that has shelving or cubbies for storage. It can be difficult to add glass to this existing setup, but not with the clear dry erase board customization options at Clarus. If you already have office furniture, you can order quality specialty glass designed to your exact size and function needs, meaning that plain, boring space between your desk and shelving can be updated with beautiful glass. This instantly infuses your office with style while giving you space to write and tack notes. When you’re brainstorming and have that moment of inspiration, don’t worry about scrambling to find a piece of paper or start up your computer—you’ll have a space right in front of you to write down your ideas when you need to. Don’t forget that you can order your glass in a variety of colors that can bring energy and excitement to offices and homes alike.

Turning glass into furniture

With glass whiteboards, there’s also an opportunity to use your glass as furniture or room dividers. This is great for companies and homes for people who want to reflect that they think out of the box. Use clear dry erase to divide a large space into smaller ones—imagine a wall that you can write on with a dry erase marker. As a child, many enjoyed or were tempted to draw on the walls, and now you can do just that in meeting or office space. You can also use clear dry erase glass as a writable table along with many other options.

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