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Who Benefits the Most from Glass Whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards have become the newest trend in whiteboards; they’re extremely durable, cleaner and more eco-friendly than traditional whiteboards, and they offer a modern, sleek look for the more aesthetically conscious offices of the world. While we could go on and on about the great features of glassboards vs. traditional whiteboards, it’s more important to note the kinds of businesses and professionals that reap the benefits of these features. So, which offices benefit the most from glassboards?

Schools – Colleges and Universities are some of our favorite clients, since teachers truly appreciate a quality board. Some teachers create their entire lesson plan around their whiteboards, and in large, stadium-style classrooms, a whiteboard may be one of the only ways to reach each student. For schools and universities, durability is one of the most attractive selling features. Many schools can burn through whiteboards within the first five to ten years of owning them, whether they are “cheap” looking or not. The durability of a glass whiteboard helps to eliminate those problems, since they never streak or leave stains, otherwise known as “ghosting” the way traditional whiteboards do.

Creative Offices – Another great feature of the glass whiteboard is their sleek and modern look, perfect for creative industries like advertising, interior design, and architecture. When clients come into these offices, they want a certain look; they’re paying for services they cannot create themselves. Any office should want to convey a certain look, to show the kind of mission, people and work ethic they have as a whole. A glass whiteboard helps show their clients that they value a clean aesthetic, as well as a quality product.

Hospitals – While durability and an aesthetic look are all great features to have in a whiteboard, one of the most important aspects of the clear dry erase board is that it’s cleaner than a traditional whiteboard. Despite the perceived cleanliness of hospitals, they can actually be quite the breeding grounds for some of the most lethal bacteria around. Traditional whiteboards are simply a pressboard material coated in a synthetic gloss coat. Since they can be easily scratched and scraped, bacteria can hide itself in the board very easily. The more stained the traditional whiteboard, the more bacteria could be potentially hiding, which can become a serious problem in many hospitals. The reason glassboards are so much cleaner is because the material is very difficult to scratch or penetrate, and you can use harsher cleaning chemicals without damaging the board.

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