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Why a Magnetic Glass Whiteboard?

Glass whiteboards are quickly becoming the best whiteboards on the market; they’re made from a high-quality, tempered glass and are both easily to clean and virtually unbreakable. Glass whiteboards can actually last a lifetime if you take care of them, which you could never say about a traditional whiteboard that typically lasts five to ten years, tops. So if you’re deciding to buy a whiteboard your best choice is already a glassboard, but you can actually go one step further and buy a magnetic glassboard.
Magnetic glassboards are great for the home, office and classroom, since they offer the ease of use of the whiteboard, the long-lasting durability of glass and the added utility of magnetism. Here are just a few reasons why a magnetic glassboard is worth buying:

Great for the Home – Many families use their refrigerator as their giant magnetic glass marker board, which can be great when you’re in a bind, but you can constantly have important papers flying off every time someone opens the fridge for a snack. Use your glass magnetic board for holding those important bills, notes, and reminders so you never have to worry if something got kicked under the fridge or fell in a crack in the kitchen. Plus, you can place the glassboard anywhere; in the family room, in the home office, or in the kitchen.

Uses for the Office – Magnetic glassboards are amazing for any office, since they offer a sleek and modern look, they can become the central hub of communication, and they are great for presentations and scheduling. You can use the magnets to post important notices, to rearrange schedules quickly and easily, or to reward employees with praise.

Don’t Forget the Classroom – Teachers tend to focus all of their teaching, instruction-giving, and planning on the front of the room; more notably, on the whiteboard. The whiteboard is a great place to give students their assignments and to praise them with their great work. Our glass boards are great for using as a backdrop for a projector as well, and you can easily incorporate magnets into your presentations.

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