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Why Buy a Glass Whiteboard?

We’ve talked about the benefits of owning a glass whiteboard, how durable they truly are, and all kinds of pros and cons to glass over traditional. By now we think you understand that there’s really no reason not to buy a glass whiteboard, unless you have no interest in buying a quality, valuable product. We decided to give you just a few more reasons why you absolutely need a glass whiteboard in your life:

Design – The design of the glass whiteboard is truly unparalleled at this point in time. They’re so sleek and dynamic that there’s almost no comparing them to a traditional whiteboard, or an even more traditional chalkboard. The only thing the three have in common is that you can write on them. The gorgeous glass look can help you polish off your modern office, or you can opt for a back-painted glass that looks custom built to your space. If you have a more traditional office, but would like a bit of design, you can go with a frosted look or add your logo to the bottom of the board. Above everything else, you have the option to customize the board to any sized wall, making it obvious that the board was made for your room.

Durability – These boards aren’t going anywhere. Glass whiteboards are made of a tempered glass that’s as much as ten times more durable than regular glass. Now, most people aren’t too concerned with the board getting shattered off the wall, but they do want to know; how long does a glass whiteboard last? Well, we’re glad you asked, because these boards are virtually ageless. A glass whiteboard really has no shelf (or should we say wall?) life; they can take all kinds of abuse, from oil pens to permanent markers and being left for months without cleaning. The main reason any board gets thrown away is due to overuse, and since glassboards don’t stain or streak, you’ll have no need to toss it!

Cleanliness – Whether you work in a hospital, a special needs classroom or just a traditional office, cleanliness is incredibly important to keeping your office safe and working efficiently. Traditional whiteboards are made of synthetic materials, which can accumulate cuts and scratches over time. Bacteria can then build up in your board, in the tiniest cracks, and even washing your glass dry erase board won’t do much good at that point. Glass whiteboards offer some of the safest surfaces to write on, since they’re non-porous, natural and can easily be sanitized and sterilized.

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