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Why Buy a Glassboard?

If you’re a office supply junkie, you’ve probably heard about the glass whiteboard. If you know about the glass whiteboard, then you know this article is more of a “Why Shouldn’t I Buy a Glassboard?” because it’s almost a no-brainer. For those of you less interested in office products, we’ll give you a quick rundown of exactly why you should consider purchasing a glass whiteboard, for your home, office or classroom.

Durability – Glassboards may seem like a hazard, even in a mild setting like a classroom or office, but they’re actually one of the most durable materials you can find. Glass boards are made from tempered glass, that’s undergone a long chemical and heating process that makes it up to ten times stronger than regular glass. We’ve not only tested it’s durability by throwing hammers, two by fours of wood, and other items at it, but if you were able to break a glassboard, they break into tiny pebbles, instead of the glass-like shards you would expect.

Design – Glass whiteboards have a beautiful design for a sleek and modern office; their opaque and high-sheen look fit perfectly in any space. Even if you’re not into the modern look, these boards are extremely customizable and can be sized to fit almost any space.

Customizable – Like we said before, customization is king in the glassboard business. These boards can be backpainted glass white, black, or any custom color to match your company’s space or colors. These boards also come in a frosted option, for a more edgy, non-sheen look that requires less cleaning. Which brings us to the final reason why everyone should own a glass whiteboard:

Cleanliness – Glass whiteboards are some of the easiest boards to clean on the planet. You never have to worry about chalk dust, dry erase stains or markers that don’t erase. Glassboards are great products because they are environmentally-friendly, made with recycled and recyclable materials, and are nearly impossible to ruin. Traditional whiteboards are made with a pressboard material and then coated in a chemical sealant, all of which can be messy and hard to maintain. Glass whiteboards are cleaner, since they are resistant to cuts and scrapes on the surface of the board, which helps eliminate bacteria buildup.

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