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Why Buy a Magnetic Glass Whiteboard?

Magnetic whiteboards are one of the best ways to communicate in schools, offices and especially at home. Glass whiteboards are the newest and best product on the market that replace the traditional whiteboard. Glass whiteboards offer a cleaner, more durable surface without the worry of streaking and staining. Not only are can you choose between a clear or a back-painted board, but they even have magnetic boards available. So why opt for a magnetic board?

College Teaching Board – Professors love magnetic whiteboards because often times, they don’t have their own classrooms. Many colleges will schedule a professor in a classroom based on their schedule, class size and building. Professors have their own offices, but when they have no name papers and exams, they need to display them to the class. Magnetic boards allow a professor to post no name papers, lists of group projects and even exam grades up for their classes to see. Not only are they a great resource for memos and missing assignments, but many professors utilize these boards to help them illustrate their lectures. History professors can attach pictures of historic figures for visuals, and science teachers may want to hang the periodic table for referencing during class.

Office Memo Board – Most organized offices have a Go-To meeting area or memo board. These memo boards may keep information like employee schedules, holiday notices and important office updates. Using a glass whiteboard as your office memo board helps you to keep the information all in one place. You can use your conference or presentation room and clear the memos whenever you need to write or present to your employees or clients. This way you are condensing the important information to one room, so your employees know exactly where to go if they have any questions.

Home Organization Board – Keeping a young family organized and on top of schedule is much more difficult than you’d think. A few years ago, many of us used our refrigerators as a magnetic board; which held our dearest paintings, good grades and important reminders. Any family with younger children knows how impossible this is to do. Magnets can be a choking hazard for younger children and can be pulled off or fall off every time the refrigerator door is slammed shut. Using a separate magnetic glass board is great, because you are no longer confined to the kitchen, you can install it as high up as needed, and you can keep it looking organized and neat.

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