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Why Choose Colors By Clarus™?

White is the most popular color in the world of office design. With its crisp, classic look, white is still widely accepted as the neutral and normal workplace color. But what is white, really? Simply a lack of any color at all.

Research studies reveal that cladding your offices in white paint, with neutral-colored desks and white surfaces, actually increases the number of errors employees make and decreases productivity throughout the office. Although designing white, neutral space can make an office feel clean and create symmetry among employees’ individual workspaces, this practice could ultimately hinder employees (and your business).

So, what’re your options? Do you paint the walls a bright pink and toss in a few bright blue couches in common areas? Do you poll employees to see what color is the most popular? But that won’t work either – spaces must be intentionally designed.

With a palette of 150+ diverse colors, Colors by Clarus presents the perfect solution to bring color into your office. Colors don’t have to be bright to boost productivity — they just have to be intentional. Elevate your brand by installing Float or Adapt glassboards in individual office spaces and conference rooms.

People are most productive in a work or learning environment when surrounded by bright colors. With Clarus’ proprietary ColorDrop™ technology, Clarus can print your logo in full color on the back of your glassboard, elevating your space with a simple bit of high-resolution color.

Whatever your design, whatever your company culture – Clarus can help spark productivity and boost brainstorm time with the highest quality, colorful glassboards in the world.

If you’re interested in learning about what colors promote productivity within the workplace, click here. To learn more about Clarus and the colors available for your workspace glassboards, visit the CBC library.