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Why Colleges and Universities use Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are easily the newest and best product for offices, hospitals and colleges. A glass whiteboard is different from a traditional whiteboard because it’s much more durable than the traditional chemical-coated pressboard that streaks and stains. The tempered glass boards are built to last and have been tested against up to ten times the pressure of what regular glass can handle. Not only is this glass extremely strong and durable, but they can be used with dry erase markers, permanent markers and even grease pens. Traditional whiteboards already take a beating from dry erase markers, and permanent markers can literally destroy them. It’s no secret that these boards are an all-around better product than the antiquated blackboard and the stainable whiteboard, but here are a couple reasons why colleges and Universities love these glassboards:

Appearance – Many people are quick to forget that educational institutions are also businesses. Yes, they have a desire to educate some of the nation’s finest students, but if they can’t fill the seats, they have problems just the way any business would. Glass whiteboards are great for these colleges and Universities because it keeps the school looking modern and updated. Not only do these boards look great in opaque and white, but you can have a glass whiteboard custom colored and sized to fit almost any environment. Trying to make a statement in your interior design rooms? Or need to make an impact in the locker room? These boards can also be customized with school logos!

Budget – Schools typically adhere to a very strict budget; and in a recession things can get tight. Smart businesses, however, look at not only the cost of an item, but the length of use of a tool or supply. Basically, a traditional whiteboard will wear out within the first five years. Teachers who use boards for presenting find that they will streak and stain and that they need to do a full cleaning of the boards almost every month to keep them from permanently staining or “ghosting.”So, while a new set of whiteboards may be more cost effective in the short-run, a school may find themselves replacing them three to four times in the next twenty years. Glassboards, on the other hand, are extremely durable and never stain or streak. These boards will essentially last as long as you want them to, and for a college or University, that could mean 20+ years!

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