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Why Do Glass Whiteboards Look Great in Any Office?

Glass whiteboards are one of the greatest tools for homes, classrooms and offices. They look clean and fresh, they are easy to work with and they add a sense of style and class to your room. These boards can be used as a full wall-sized organization chart, a mini pop of color and style, or they can even be used as table tops, room dividers and cubicle pieces. These boards are great in any color, size, shape and texture and can give you the daring new edge that you’ve been looking for. Here are just a few ways you can make your glass whiteboard look great in your office:

Versatile – You can do just about anything with these boards. While you may want to secure them to a wall or a tabletop, you don’t have to. In fact, creative offices that appreciate brainstorming, mind-mapping and creative exploration will most likely ask that you use your glass whiteboards on a daily basis. These boards can be small and easy to carry around or they can span the length of a twenty-foot wall. Your imagination is the limit when playing with your boards. Design offices may ask their employees to take the board with them to lunch, to maybe sit on top of the roof and look at the world from a different perspective. In advertising offices, interior design firms and studios the idea is the most valuable product, so naturally, discovering new and inventive ideas can change their entire world.

Assortment of Styles – So we’ve told you we have huge boards, tiny boards, cubicles, desktops and just about every other kind of board you could dream up but what about our beautiful styles for the home and office? Our offices are filled with frosted, backpainted, and beautifully laminated glass. These boards can change a look from a harsh and drab office with whiteboards to a soft and colorful room built for reimagining.

Assortment of Colors – Think you have a unique logo that can’t be matched? Or an office color that would pair great with a sleek and freshly painted whiteboard? Give us a call! We can match just about any color to make your board the exact color you need. Your new backpainted glass board can blend right in to the new office, and will have your clients and customers wowed with the standout color.

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