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Why Do Hospitals Use Glass Whiteboards?

We discussed the importance in hospitals using whiteboards; be they traditional or glass, to help facilitate great communication between patients and staff, and a way to organize the almost always chaotic work weeks for administrators. Whiteboards are greatly helpful in almost every way in a hospital setting, since many nurses and staff members work long hours with various patients. It’s very easy on your third day of working twelve hours straight to confuse patients, symptoms and diagnoses.

Furthermore, patients who feel uncomfortable in hospitals tend to grow attached to staff members and enjoy knowing who will handle them on a day-to-day basis. Overall, whiteboards can help keep everyone on track and on the same page in a hospital setting. Since it’s obvious that almost every hospital needs whiteboards to operate on a daily basis, we want to cover why so many are turning to the newer, improved glassboards and how they are reaping the benefits of these great devices.

Cost-Effective – Glass whiteboards are actually much more cost-effective than a traditional whiteboard. Yes, they do cost more in the beginning, but these boards are so incredibly durable that they can literally outlast the life of the wall—or the building for that matter! When you think of your board in terms of lifespan, you will see that your traditional whiteboard may cost half the price of a glassboard, but you will be replacing a heavily used traditional whiteboard every 5-10 years, whereas a glass whiteboard will never stain or streak and there is really almost no reason to need to replace it.

Clean – Glass is a non-porous, natural material that can be sanitized and sterilized over and over without damaging the integrity of the board. Traditional whiteboards, on the other hand, are made from porous, synthetic materials that can absorb inks, and can accumulate small scratches that bacteria can build up in. These boards will eventually look as unsanitary as they truly are, when the inks become permanent and their glossy white surfaces turn to a murky gray.

Cutting EdgeGlass dry erase boards show your patients that you are using cutting-edge products, not only in terms of medical equipment, but in everything that you do. Glass whiteboards help your hospital look clean and advanced, and can keep your office more organized by giving a sleek and streamlined look. You can also use permanent markers and oil pens on your glassboard, helping to create the perfect scheduling board, decorative patient conversation board or precise staff communication board without having to erase and re-write each time.

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