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Why is a Glass Whiteboard a Better Choice?

Glass whiteboards are gaining popularity quite quickly in the business world; they’re a durable and easy-to-clean version of the whiteboards that we’ve come to know and love. Not only does the glass give a sleek and new-looking finish to the boards, it’s opacity gives us plenty of fun ways to customize your board, as well as creative ways to help them blend in or stand out in your office. Here are just a few ways we make these boards shine:

Logos – Glassboards are great for the cutting-edge office; they show off your professionalism and your appreciation of fine work tools. Another great use for a glassboard is to show off your love of your company; engraving your company’s logo, or imprinting it from the back are great ways to customize your board without looking tacky or out of place.

Back-painting – Back-painting your glassboard is great for a number of reasons; maybe your employees or students see better with different contrasts, or maybe you just like showcasing your company’s colors every chance you can get. Obviously, traditional whiteboards come in white only, and a glassboard can come in any color you’d like, even custom colors.

Glass on glass – Is your office a work of art on its own? Does your office feature glass walls and room dividers to keep the flow open? Could you ever imagine ruining that sleek and open floor plan with a huge whiteboard placed directly in the middle? Glass whiteboards are great for modern offices, since they blend well in any scenario.

Free-standing – Free standing glass boards are a great tool for many industries; they enable you to design from both angles. These boards are often used for fashion designers, architects and interior designers, where even the tiniest drawings and quickly drawn sketches are important to the designer. These boards are great because they stand about as tall as a person and come on rollers, making it easy to bring your ideas with you to meetings and presentations.

Functional glass – Sure, our boards come with standoffs that allow you to mount the whiteboard to any wall of your choosing, but what if you’d like to replace your glass window with a tempered glass whiteboard to use for scheduling, important notes, and missed messages? We can accommodate any whiteboard request and would love to help you incorporate your new board into any office space.

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