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Why is a Glassboard so much Cleaner?

Glass whiteboards are the best product on the line for a number of reasons; not only are they one of the most durable boards you can find, but they are also sleek and modern looking and they are incredibly easy to clean and keep clean. While traditional whiteboards will also make the claim that they’re easy to clean, they are typically comparing themselves to the dreaded chalk board that is an impossibly dusty and dirty mess. Traditional whiteboards do clean more easily and their sleek, chemical-laden surface does wipe easier than the silky, chalky black boards of the past.

While traditional whiteboards do clean more easily than blackboards, they can also become a pain when they start to stain and wear. Traditional whiteboards are really just pressboards coated with a slick chemical that has a static pull to a dry erase marker. If you use anything but a dry erase marker on these boards you will absolutely ruin it. Not only will grease pens, regular markers and permanent markers ruin these boards, but even the dry erase markers that were made for them will eventually take their toll. See, dry erase markers are created using the same ink as any regular marker, they difference is that it’s coated in a special polymer that won’t allow the ink to stick to the board. Unfortunately, after a few uses, the ink from these markers can get wiped wrong and can start to stain your board. After a few years, your “white” board will be an assortment of colors with a dingy, gray look to it.

This is where glass whiteboards save the day! Glassboards are incredible, since they are tempered and are virtually unbreakable. Not only does the hard surface keep your board safe from harm, but it gives the sleek and non-porous surface that a traditional whiteboard does while allowing you to use grease pens, permanent markers, you could even use paint if you wanted! These boards are so easy to clean since they are obviously made of natural glass, instead of chemicals that just attract ink. Not only are they easier to clean, but they are extremely difficult to scratch up, which is how traditional whiteboards collect bacteria and inks. Overall, glass whiteboards are just the smarter choice for cleanliness, which makes them the ideal board for hospitals, homes, classrooms and even offices.

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