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Why regular whiteboards don’t make the cut

As traditional whiteboards take over chalk boards as the preferred writing board, one must think about what’s the next big thing for drawing and pinning boards. While basic whiteboards are cleaner than chalk boards, there are still quite a few drawbacks, primarily in the areas of quality, durability, and style.

Anyone who has used a traditional whiteboard knows how easily these boards crack and stain. Whiteboard stains are difficult to remove because the ink seeps into the surface of the board and remains permanent. The ink of permanent markers and glass markers are actually very similar, but glass dry erase markers have a special polymer that prevents the ink from sticking to certain surfaces. But if the surface quality quickly declines, the markers may become not so erasable. These whiteboards are made with a special coating that easily breaks down and lets stains set. Once this protective coat is broken, even bacteria can seep into the cracks, a situation that is not ideal in a workplace, classroom, home, or wherever you use your whiteboard.

As the material of the board weakens over time, this ink begins to seep, staining and “ghosting” the whiteboard permanently. Streaks become more difficult to wipe, and chemical cleaners can only help the problem to a point. In fact, regular use of harsh chemical products will promote the board to crack and peel. And if the whiteboard is used in the classroom, especially with individual slates for students, this cracking and staining comes easily and quickly, if the board itself does not break first.

This is why a whiteboard made with a material that is not very porous is a great solution for staining and ghosting. Glass is the perfect material—scratch resistant and almost completely nonporous, tempered and laminated glass whiteboards will not stain and crack the way that traditional whiteboards do as long as you follow the simple steps for upkeep. In fact, a glass whiteboard will last as long as the wall its hanging on.

Glass dry erase boards are more expensive than traditional whiteboards because of the better quality, but considering how often regular whiteboards need to be replaced, it becomes a smart investment in the long run when you don’t have to worry about whether it’s time for a replacement board every few years. And with glass whiteboards, you have more options. With laminated, back painted and decorative glass options, along with customizable sizes and other options, there’s no reason you can’t have a whiteboard that is stylish and durable.

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