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Why Universities Should Switch to Glass Whiteboards

Since the recession hit, public Colleges and Universities have been feeling the financial strain of constant budget cuts. Entire programs have been cut and curriculums slashed due to the lack of funding. While Colleges and Universities are cutting back, they are still looking to spend their money on long-lasting and cost-effective products and services to ensure their survival. We tend to look at public institutions, like schools and hospitals, as a public service, when they are, in fact, businesses. Since Colleges and Universities have a strict budget, they are looking to get every penny out of their choices.

Many new students are baffled by the walls of chalk boards when arriving to College. While some students may be used to the antiquated boards, others have had their entire education taught on a whiteboard and don’t understand the switch. One of the reasons these schools have stuck with chalk boards is for durability. Colleges and Universities have to think long-term when making purchasing decisions and a typical whiteboard does not have a long enough lifespan to justify the purchase.

Whiteboards tend to ghost and streak, even in the first year of use. While you can buy cleaning products and chemicals to clean these products, the boards still become dirty and illegible very quickly. Not only are the cleaning chemicals an added expense, but they are not typically environmentally friendly by any means. With a typical lifespan of 5-10 years, many people can’t blame Universities for sticking with the outdated chalk boards, but now they have a better option.

Glassboards are the newest and best products on the market, as an alternative to both whiteboards and chalk boards. Glassboards are made with an extremely durable, tempered glass that’s up to ten times stronger than ordinary glass. The non-porous surface makes glass boards extremely easy for writing with dry-erase markers, permanent markers and even grease pens, making the boards even more versatile. Not only can you use various markers and pens on this product, but clean up is extremely simple and you never once have to worry about ghosting or streaking.

Glass whiteboards are an ideal product for Colleges and Universities, since they are durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Teachers can keep information available to students longer by keeping a board with information written in permanent marker. As an added bonus, many glassboards feature a magnetic pull, which allows teachers to post exam grades, group projects and nameless papers on the board for students to see before and after class.

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