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Why you don’t want to be caught using traditional whiteboards

Odds are, the last time you saw a dry erase board, you either barely noticed or did not notice at all. Those actually notice these increasingly common fixtures often observe that the whiteboard is dirty, in bad shape, or just doesn’t look nice. But more often these whiteboards leave no impression—quite the disadvantage in itself, considering the right dry erase board can make a positive impact on a variety of spaces both functionally and aesthetically. Glass whiteboards will usually do the opposite: a glass dry erase board so sleek that your visitors will have to do a double take. Take a look at some common disadvantages of using traditional whiteboards.

1. They don’t go with the rest of the room

Regular dry erase boards often present a design problem. Like we’ve mentioned, they’re dirty. But there’s also nothing particularly aesthetically pleasing about them, which can create problems with a room that already has a heavy design or even a room with a more basic layout. If your look is modern and sophisticated, a traditional whiteboard is going to detract. If you have a simple white room, the plain white dry erase board just isn’t going to add anything to the room. Glass whiteboards look stylish with any type of space, and with so many customizable options, you will surely be able to find a glass dry erase board that is a design asset, including different colors and finishes.

2. You can’t tack things like you can with a bulletin board

Deciding between a dry erase board and a bulletin board is a classic age old battle. All this time, you’ve been thinking what a shame it is that you have to choose between a board that you can tack items to and a board that you can write on and then erase. Both are useful communication devices for different needs, and yet you probably don’t have the room or the style to install both. You can solve this problem with a magnetic glass customization for your glass whiteboard. Imagine being able to post documents magnetically and write on the same board, resulting in a flexible, interactive message board—or whatever you may need it for. And, you don’t have to worry about a sharp tack falling or getting misplaced, preventing future finger or foot injuries, meaning it is safer for children as well. Many kids love playing with a bulletin board but not the sharp tacks, and most will think the magnetic backing is more fun anyway.

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