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Why You Should Never Use a Traditional Whiteboard Again

Like dial-up internet and video rental stores, traditional whiteboards will one day be a thing of the past. Not only do regular whiteboards stain and crack easily, these whiteboards are dull and limited in function compared to the possibilities. Traditional whiteboards fail to make an impression, missing out on an opportunity to create a striking and stylish space. This is where glass whiteboards come in to the picture.

Glass marker boards look like the future, but can coordinate with styles of the past and present as well. With a simplistic yet beautiful design, these boards help spaces stand out from the crowd without overwhelming a casual or professional atmosphere. You have limitless customization possibilities with Clarus glassboards, meaning you can create whatever space you can imagine with beautiful and durable decorative clear dry erase.

You can install a stylish clear dry erase board made of tempered glass, which is much stronger than regular glass, or laminated glass, which is also strong yet offers some flexibility. This material is stain resistant, and you will not have to worry about cracking the way that traditional whiteboards do. Regular whiteboards are made of a material that allows dry erase marker ink to seep into the board, causing stains that are impossible to erase no matter what cleaning supplies you use or how many times you clean it. Glass whiteboards will stay beautiful and intact as long as the wall on which it is hanging is standing.

Not only are these boards durable, but you can use them to infuse style into any type of space. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can work with the existing design of the wall for interesting layering, or create an interesting accent piece to stand all on its own. You can also utilize color options with printed signage on your board, such as a display of a logo or other visuals for a unique decorative piece with back painted glass.

The benefits don’t end there. Customize your board with magnetic glass, forgoing the annoying pins of a bulletin board and tack items magnetically instead—something you don’t see with regular boring whiteboards. Integrate your board with interactive display technology from a computer or projector for a presentation that will be sure to make an impression on clients and employees. Take your glass whiteboard wherever you want to go with the Mobile Xpress, a glass whiteboard on wheels. Have a look at what else you can do with your glass whiteboard, and bring your imagination and creativity along.

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