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Your Glass Whiteboard Customization Options

Forget traditional whiteboards that crack and stain. Throw out that bulletin board that keeps dropping sharp pins on your floor. The glass whiteboard is here. A glass marker board can be a great addition to any space, whether it’s a conference room, restaurant, kid’s play space, or wherever you may need a glass whiteboard. These tools are great for communicating and brainstorming, whether you’re on your own or in a collaborative environment. Check out all the customization options available for your glass whiteboard:

clear glassboard child drawing lightbulb idea dry erase marker

Colors: Customizing your glass whiteboard with fun colors is a great way to add excitement and depth to your space. You have all the classic standard finishes to choose from, including frost, white, magnetic white, and clear. Or, choose from solid neutrals like deep blue, neon black, soft gray, warm beige, storm gray, and smooth white. Another option is to spice up your space with a “pop” accent color like yellow, orange, blue, teal, or pink. If your space already has a color that you would like to coordinate with, or you have another color in mind, Clarus can color match whatever color you need for your decorative glass whiteboard.

Magnetic glass: Not only can you write on glass whiteboards with dry erase glass markers, but you can also tack items magnetically to a board customized with magnetic glass. Instead of searching your carpet for sharp tacks or, even worse, stepping on them, you can simply use magnets for your board tacking needs. Tack memos, announcements, reminders, schedules, or whatever document you need to display for communication or thought organization.

Format: A glass whiteboard doesn’t always have to be in the form of a square board mounted on a wall. You have lots of options for the format of your glass whiteboard. Whether it’s just an unusual space or an unusual use, you can get creative with the form of your board. For example, if you wanted to break up a larger space into smaller units, you can use a glass whiteboard as a ceiling to floor room divider that doubles as a glass marker board for a modern and striking look. Instead of fitting your break room with normal tables, make glass marker table tops. Or, give your employees a personal glass dry erase tablet for individual note taking. Made with strong laminated or tempered glass, this material is strong enough for a wide variety of uses, and are durable enough to last.

About Clarus Glassboards: Clarus is the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass whiteboards and glass visual display products. For more information about clear dry erase boards and our other glass architectural systems, please call 888-813-7414 or visit