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Your Quick and Easy Clear Dry Erase Board Installation

Looking at a beautiful and sophisticated clear dry erase board, mounted sleekly on concealed hardware, you’d never know how easy glass whiteboards can be to install. Not only do these whiteboards make a striking impression, but these durable boards last much longer than traditional whiteboards without cracking, staining, or breaking, lasting as long as the wall on which it is mounted. You can write on a glass whiteboard with erasable markers and customize your board with magnetic glass, which allows the tacking of documents magnetically without annoying bulletin board pins.

Clear Whiteboard

Installing a glass whiteboard is so simple that with the suggested tools, you can easily install one on your own. Before the thought of do-it-yourself installation brings back painful memories of confusing instructions and parts that don’t seem to go anywhere, this is not that type of project. While using professional assemblers may sound comfortable, this method can have frustrations of its own. You may have to pay a fee for a service, you will have to schedule the installation in your home or office, and you may have a hard time with the assemblers communicating exactly what you want. This is why when the installation is so easy, many prefer getting the installation done quickly without having to arrange someone else to do it.

Depending on your strength, handiness skills, and size of your whiteboard (with many sizes to choose from) you may want to have a partner there for help with basic tasks like hanging up the whiteboard and drilling. Your installation supplies could include tape, pens, a tape measure, and a leveler for aligning the perfectly placed whiteboard. You may not need all of these, but they can be very helpful to have around. But you will want to make sure that you have an electric drill and a screwdriver.

To install your glass whiteboard, you will first be provided with the board, mounting hardware, and template. The template allows you to see that your board will be mounted evenly—the leveling tool comes in handy for this step. After peeling the template from the clear dry erase board and placing it on the right spot, the guiding template will have circles that let you know where to drill. Then, the template can be removed and the dry-wall anchors inserted. You can then use these anchors to insert the strong stainless steel standoffs, on which you can then place the threaded studs. This quality mounting hardware gives the board a beautiful suspended “float” look that is stylish, modern, and universally compatible with existing interior designs.

Now, you’re ready to mount the glass whiteboard—that’s right, we’re already almost done. Place the board on the threads and then tighten the standoff caps. Stand back and admire your glass whiteboard, which will stay clean, smooth, and beautiful for years and years after this short installation. Depending on the type of board you want (there are lots of colors, sizes, and customizations to choose from) your installation may depend on the glass whiteboard’s form. For example, if you are using a clear dry-erase wall panel as a room divider, this depends on the nature of the space.

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